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Why Adam Revival?

Why should you Join Adam Revival? Is this just another get-rich-quick scheme on my dime by the owners? What will this do for me? Read on to find out more!

You Are Not Alone

As a man in 2023, it can feel overwhelming, depressing and hopeless at times. Dr. Stephen M. Lowe, PhD shares some steps men can take to get clarity around who they are.

What is a man?

Dr. Stephen Lowe share what the scriptures teach about why men were created and what it means to be a man.

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Genesis Course - Class 3

Join our members only Genesis Study by Dr. Stephen Lowe, PhD!

Genesis Course - Class 2

Check out class 2 in our members only study

Welcome to Pride Month

Guest contributor Rev. Brad Standfest's thoughts on Pride Month in the United States.

Understanding the Ten Commandments 1-3

A two part series exploring the Ten Commandments. In Part 1 we dive into the first three commandments

Happy Parents Day

Adam Revival guest contributor Rev. Brad Standfest, Senior Pastor at Almont Vineyard, shares his thoughts on the importance of our biological and spiritual fathers.

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