Your Genesis. Your Future.

You’ve been a part of God’s plan since creation. And while it may feel like society is getting further and further away from His vision, creation is still happening — every day.

God creates gifts and blessings. God creates opportunities to learn and grow. 

God created you. And He created you, as he has every man since Adam, with purpose.

That is the heart of Adam Revival — a faith-based community designed to help good men like you understand your roots, reignite your inner fire, rise to every challenge you face and be the man you want to be. Welcome. You belong here.- Stephen & Ryan

Welcome to where you belong.

- Stephen & Ryan

Meet the founders

Dr. Stephen M. Lowe, PhD

Stephen began his faith walk after suffering a spinal injury during a professional MMA bout. After surgery, he turned his life over to Christ and was led to Liberty University where he graduated with his Juris Master degree and, later, a PhD in higher education. Stephen is currently a Professor of National Government and also practices law. 

Stephen has published various writings and has led a number of educational courses with the church. He’s dedicated his life to God and considers it his personal calling to bring truth and love to a fallen world. That’s why he co-founded Adam Revival — to help men of faith return to their created lineage and original purpose through God’s word.

Ryan Listerman 

Ryan is the General Manager of Mitchell and Sons Roofing in Florida. As an extension of his five years in construction, Ryan is a sales trainer, consumer advocate and author. The second edition of his book, “How to Not Get Ripped off by a Contractor,” is scheduled for release in 2023. 

Ryan co-founded Adam Revival, because he sees men struggling to reach their full potential. As a respected community leader and coach, he helps men overcome challenges by realigning their perspectives, actions and goals with scripture. 

Support, advice and camaraderie from men like you

A friendly ear is one thing. Encouragement from men who understand what it’s like to be you is an entirely different ballgame. So don’t just sit on the sidelines. Start making your life better today.