You Are Not Alone

Dr. Stephen M. Lowe, PhD

As a man in 2023, it can feel overwhelming, depressing and hopeless at times. Much of this has to do with past and current negative narratives against masculinity broadcast by media and the political class. The effects of such negative narratives have been costly and devastating to many men. These campaigns against masculinity have resulted in men feeling isolated, useless and depressed. Men are told that their natural feelings and traits are bad and even toxic. This has led to men denying their true identities and feeling shame for things that they cannot control. This has also led men astray of honor and dignity, causing them to fall to their lusts and sinful desires. Men have effectively been cast aside by a society that they have bled and sacrificed to create. The once valiant conquering and warrior spirit of man is now looked down upon and denied by society. For these reasons and many others, men comprise almost 80% of suicides in America annually. This truth is sad and despicable.

It is time for men to relearn who they are — to be proud of who they are and to stand for honor, dignity and purpose once again. 

Men, you were God’s first human creation. In fact, God loves you so much that He created this entire Earth for you. He created you to conquer. He created you to protect others. He created you to lead. He created you to subdue the Earth and all that is in it. God called you good. You must know that you are not alone — that your creator is with you and that He created you for a specific purpose. 

Do you know the purpose that God created you for? How could you if you can’t overcome your own desires, doubts and fears? The answer is simple: Jesus. Men, turn to Jesus and God’s word to discover your purpose, rise above dismay, and shed your pain and confusion. 

You were not created to live this life alone. You were created to serve God and to live for God. I promise you: turn to God, and your purpose will come into focus. Turn to God, and you will overcome what has been lost and what has held you back. 

It is simple: 1) pray; 2) listen; 3) obey. 


Dr. Stephen M. Lowe, PhD

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